Zeta Sigma Chapter at University of Wisconsin-River Falls

Chapter History

Chapter History

On May 13, 1989, twenty-nine outstanding women were initiated into the newly-installed Zeta Sigma chapter of Phi Mu Fraternity. The group began as W.I.S.H (Women Initiating Sorority Here). W.I.S.H was established in April of 1987 by its two founders, Lori Bakke and Joan Drager. Their group soon grew by leaps and bounds, and asked for national sororities to visit campus. Phi Mu Fraternity stood out as having exceptional quality. The members of W.I.S.H. believed that a deep sense of respect for each other, loyalty to our school, and that pride in our accomplishments would be the secrets of our success – goals strongly promoted by National Phi Mu.

Our goals and beliefs remain unaltered today. We still believe that the bonds of respectful and loving sisterhood in Phi Mu enhance our lives in a way no other organization could. We believe in unwavering loyalty to our campus, and in striving to achieve the impossible. We believe in allowing the ideals of love, honor, and truth to guide our life’s path.

In the Spring of 2019, the Zeta Sigma chapter will be proudly celebrating our 30th anniversary.  This will be a wonderful opportunity to reflect on how far our chapter has come, and the lives of the countless women it has impacted. 

Past Zeta Sigma Presidents:

1989 Lori Bakke

1990 Tracy Hill

1991 Cindy Patras

1992 Tracy Strupp

1993 Connie Kohns

1994 Ann Gibson

1995 Sherry Ruzichka

1996 Heather Werner

1997 Heather Werner (Spring) and Michelle Wentz (Fall)

1998 Donna Bunker

1999 Michelle Jarvis

2000 Erin Yeakley

2001 Lanae Nelson

2002 Jen Kern

2003 Kerri Shakal

2004 Loni Okland

2005 Amber Murray

2006 Lisa Stratton

2007 Katie Polczniski

2008 Leanne Waschbusch

2009 Kara Berzelius

2010 Rachel Mencheski (Spring) and Monica Rupert (Fall)

2011 Nicole Koehler

2012 Rachel Rousch

2013 Rachel Happe

2014 Courtney Trattles 

2015 Emma Waschbusch 

2016 Maddy Schwierjohann

2017 Lindsey Schreiner

2018 Hanna Kantor

2019 Shealyn Klave

2020 Katherine Ellis

2021 Zoe Nassif (Spring) Carly Trzebiatowski (Fall)

2022 Grace Verdick (Current President)




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